Missing Butterfly and Moth Species

The majority of Lepidoptera species that the state of Florida keeps track of for conservation purposes have been observed and uploaded to this project. However, many are missing and we'd like your help to track them down. If you need a goal next time you're out in the field, try to observe one of these species and upload your observations to this project.

Amblyscirtes hegon Pepper and Salt Skipper
Amblyscirtes reversa Reversed Roadside-Skipper
Amblyscirtes vialis Common Roadside-Skipper
Anaea troglodyta floridalis Florida Leafwing
Anthocharis midea Falcate Orangetip
Atrytone arogos arogos Arogos Skipper
Callophrys gryneus sweadneri Florida Olive Hairstreak
Callophrys hesseli Hessel's Hairstreak
Callophrys niphon Eastern Pine Elfin
Catocala grisatra Grisatra Underwing Moth
Celastrina ladon Spring Azure
Ceratophaga vicinella Gopher Tortoise Shell Moth
Chlorostrymon simaethis Silver-banded Hairstreak
Enodia creola Creole Pearly Eye
Epargyreus zestos Zestos Skipper
Erynnis martialis Mottled Duskywing
Eunica monima Dingy Purplewing
Euphyes dion Dion Skipper
Euphyes dukesi calhouni Calhoun's Skipper
Euphyes pilatka klotsi Klots' Skipper
Hesperia attalus slossonae Seminole Skipper
Hesperia meskei pinocayo Rockland Grass Skipper
Hesperia meskei straton Eastern Meske's Skipper
Idia gopheri Gopher Tortoise Noctuid Moth
Kricogonia lyside Lyside Sulphur
Megathymus cofaqui cofaqui Cofaqui Giant-Skipper
Neonympha helicta dadeensis Helicta Satyr
Pholisora catullus Common Sootywing
Polites origenes Crossline Skipper
Proserpinus gaurae Proud Sphinx Moth
Pseudocharis minima Lesser Wasp Moth
Pyreferra ceromatica Ceromatic Noctuid Moth
Satyrium kingi King's Hairstreak
Satyrium liparops floridensis Sparkleberry Hairstreak
Satyrium titus Coral Hairstreak
Staphylus hayhurstii Scalloped Sooty Wing

Good luck!

Posted by petekleinhenz petekleinhenz, June 27, 2018 13:52



I love this idea, but I suspect that a good proportion of the observers (like myself) might not know what they're looking for per se, and have a take pictures identify later mindset. Have you considered editing this post to include a description or/and photo of the species you want us to keep an eye out for?

Posted by nefariousdrru over 2 years ago (Flag)

I wish I could add photos of target taxa, but journal posts don't allow it. My thought was that people could google the species to find photos. Frankly, I just don't have the time to add descriptions of each species. If anyone is interested in adding descriptions, though, they're welcome to do so! I'd be happy to edit the post to include them.

Posted by petekleinhenz over 2 years ago (Flag)

I'm curious about what I guess is the Florida subspecies of Striped Hairstreak (Satyrium liparops floridensis). I have submitted what appears to be the only photo from Florida for Striped Hairstreak. There is a butterfly count in Citrus and Hernando counties that is scheduled to take advantage of the blooming period for Sparkleberry to find this and other species of hairstreaks. The Blackwater Creek butterfly count consistently turns up a couple of King's Hairstreaks, though they were reported this year from Torreya or Florida Caverns. ,

Posted by tpalmer over 2 years ago (Flag)

Hi Tom,

I'm by no means a butterfly expert, but that is the list provided to me by the Florida Natural Areas Inventory. I'll be curious to see if some of those counts fill in some gaps. Hopefully we can get some of their participants to use iNaturalist!

Posted by petekleinhenz over 2 years ago (Flag)

Check out my additions; I have added Arogos and Seminole Skippers, observations are from within the last month.

Posted by seaheart88 about 2 years ago (Flag)

Awesome @seaheart88 ! I'm glad to hear it, and I'll make sure those get into the hands of the Florida Natural Areas Inventory staff.

Posted by petekleinhenz about 2 years ago (Flag)

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