Friends of Puget Prairies launch Prairie Appreciation Days iNaturalist Project

The Friends of Puget Prairies, in coordination with the Center for Natural Lands Management, are excited to launch the Prairie Appreciation Days Project on iNaturalist.

This project is designed to track species diversity and phenology across the prairies and oak woodlands of the southern Puget Trough region. We intend to track observations over the course of the next several years to watch for changes in species composition and life stage timing. While our primary interest is in native species, we are also interested in distribution, abundance and status of invasive species, especially any new invasive that may be gaining a foothold in our prairies/oak woodlands.

We invite you to join our project and contribute your observations from Glacial Heritage Preserve, Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve, Scatter Creek Wildlife Area, West Rocky Prairie Wildlife Area and other prairie/oak woodland reserves in the South Puget Sound area.

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Welcome to Prairie Appreciation Days on iNaturalist!

Join the Prairie Appreciation Days community on iNaturalist as we document the biodiversity and phenology of the South Sound prairies and oak woodlands. We want to track which flowers are blooming, what insects are visiting them, when are birds are arriving, and capture the wild variety of organisms that are inhabiting our prairies ...more ↓

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