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It's likely that queens have been out for a few days now, but today was the day. It's a beautiful, sunny day, in the 60s. Flowers that would normally be very attractive to bees have been open for a couple of weeks now. Natalia Bjorklund reported a bumble bee sighting, so I grabbed a net and went on a quest. Several Bombus bimaculatus queens are active (I counted 5 at one time) around a Rhodadendron bush right on East Campus. They are busy collecting nectar, and possibly pollen (as evidenced by some pollen build up on the corbicula of one photographed queen) amongst their cousins: honey bees and mason bees (Osmia sp.). I noticed one other queen nest seeking around a stream bank, but cannot confirm the species. Looking forward to seeing these queens, and others, soon!

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Queen Quest is a joint effort among University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Bumble Boosters team, University of Minnesota’s Bee Squad and citizen scientists to track first instances of bumble bee queen sightings in the spring. Little is known about the long-term and cyclical effects of climate on bumble bee populations; a key project objective is to determine the relationship and long-term impacts ...more ↓

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