Welcome and How to batch-add your observations to the Rare Species of Indiana Project

Hello There!

Welcome to the new Indiana Natural Heritage Data Center's iNaturalist Project. Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm for documenting biodiversity of this great state. To help us you can add you observations to the project and to make it easier there is a way to batch-add!

Here are the steps to take:

From the Rare Species of Indiana project page, click "Add from your observations." (if you're not already a member of the project, click "Join Project" at the top of the page first)
If you have matching observations, click the "Batch Edit" button near the top of the page.
Click "Select All".
Click "Add to Project" and then Add Rare Species of Indiana.
Be sure to approve the curators of the project to see your precise locations
Done! Repeat periodically to tag new observations or to match newly-tracked species.
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The Indiana Natural Heritage Data Center as part of the DNR Division of Nature Preserves, collects, manages, and shares information on all of Indiana's rare species including plants, animals, insects, and fungi. One of our key roles is to collect and maintain rare species locations. We use this information to assess species' statuses, create distribution maps, and to assist agencies, ...more ↓

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