Streamlining your Red List data capture

So you have added the latest batch of observations. And for the Red List species you have dutifully filled in the information for the Red List Project: the numbers and threats.

But have you done them all?
There is quick way to check any that you might have missed.
The secret is in the "not in project" filter. But you have to add this to the url bar manually, it is not one of the standard filters.

So how?
First use the filters box to select:

  1. Your observations
  2. The project south-african-red-list-plants-and-animals (this should select all the Red List species, but there is also another option: rather than adding this project, find the option "threatened" in the top left bank, and click it)
  3. Choose plants (unless you want to do the same for animals).
    Click Update search.

You now have all the observations that in an ideal world you will have filled in the numbers and threats. But to find those ...more ↓

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A southern African project to assist in redlist evaluation.

Anyone may contribute, and indeed if you post an observation of a threatened species you may be invited to contribute. Any observation requires the following to contribute to this project: Join this project: "redlist" & fill in the following fields: Population Size Estimate: (CREW)': this is an estimate of ...more ↓
tonyrebelo created this project on October 11, 2017
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