Wild Riverside Biodiversity Bonanza

There are over 1,800 different species of plants and animals in Riverside. How do we know this? Hundreds of people just like you explored and documented more than 17,000 records through the Museum of Riverside's iNaturalist site. This Sunday, September 7th, dozens of groups throughout the state will be working together to provide a picture of the biodiversity - the total number of unique species - within California. From before sunrise to after sunset, we invite you to explore and record all forms of wildlife you find within Riverside through the Wild Riverside Biodiversity Bonzanza. Even better, that whole week, from September 5th to September 13 is California Biodiversity Week, and you can explore and document the entire week, or on any day that week.
Please join this project: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/wild-riverside-biodiversity-bonanza

So many places within the city are great for exploring: Mount Rubidoux, Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park, Two-Trees Canyon, Martha Maclean-Anza Narrows Park, Fairmount Park, the La Sierra Hills, Hidden Valley Nature Center, the River Walk Trail, and the University of California Botanical Gardens are just a start. Make sure to document your observations between Saturday Sept. 5 and Sunday Sept. 13.

As added fun for kids, we developed a bingo card with some of the more observable, interesting, and iconic wildlife found in Riverside: https://riversideca.gov/museum/pdf/Wild-Riverside-Bioblitz-final.pdf

Now go outside and have fun!

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Excellent, Doug! As I like to quip, "iNaturalist: Now more than ever!"

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