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Runge Nature Center BioBlitz - 2019 Wrap-up

Our Runge BioBlitz has come and gone. After months of planning and preparation, the 24-hour event went by in a blink of an eye....And it was a HUGE success!!! During the event, which attracted over 500 people, more than 800 observations were made resulting in over 450 species of plants, animals, and fungi being reported in 24 hours (and observation are still trickling in.) The event's success was judged not merely by the number of people in attendance or species recorded, but by the quality of the experience. Many participants attended the event on Friday evening, continued their exploration all day Saturday, and still left with smiles on their faces. Thirty passionate and enthusiastic experts led 29 excursions, helping connect our participants with Missouri's forest, fish, and wildlife by exploring the life that calls Runge home. In addition, 17 Runge volunteers helped to support the experts and Runge staff, and meet the needs of the public. This program was a success ...more ↓

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Mark your calendar for the first ever Runge Nature Center BioBlitz on June 21-22, 2019. This 24-hour event will give us real time data, letting us know what species are present at a moment in time. How many different species of living things can we find? All amateur (including kids) and professional naturalists are invited to attend. There will be many expert-led, interactive ...more ↓

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