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In 2011, the cutting-edge Nevada Museum of Art - Center for Art + Environment in Reno approached us, asking if we'd be willing to host a 50-year art project at Sagehen.

Helen and Newton Harrison are the preeminent environmental artists on the planet, having invented eco-art in the 1970's, and inspired ferociously talented new generations of artists to use their work to engage with culture and influence social policy.

We said, "Yes."

The artwork is displayed in books, multi-media, museum and gallery exhibits, and emerges from a common garden experiment designed to mitigate the transformation from snow to rain in the Sierras. The experiment replicates vegetation plots on an elevational gradient from the bottom to the top of the basin. The plots contain plantings of native, local Sagehen plants from various elevations, in search of a "resiliency ensemble" that can mitigate climate change that may be happening too fast for systems to adapt unaided.

Sagehen: A Proving Ground was a finalist in the 2014 Buckminster Fuller Institute's Fuller Challenge competition.

More info here.

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