First Scavenger Hunt List

Here is the list from the original post for easy access.

If you have any further questions, you can contact the admin of this page “SAHCScav” Or, you can contact AmeriCorps member “Sarge” at Good luck and happy hunting!

Scavenger Hunt List:

  1. Something that lives under a rock
  2. Something found above 5,000ft in elevation
  3. Something that lives in a stream
  4. A salamander
  5. Something purple and green
  6. Something black and white
  7. A songbird (a bird with a musical song)
  8. A spring ephemeral (a wildflower that only grows in early spring before trees bloom(can also be a wildflower if not in early spring)
  9. An endemic species (Native to one particular area)
  10. Something that comes out at night
  11. A foliose lichen (a lichen that has a distinct upper and lower surface. Is ribbon like)
  12. A fruticose lichen (a lichen that has a branch like structure)
  13. A crustose lichen (a lichen that cannot be taken off of its substrate(surface), extremely flat)
  14. A squamulose lichen (a mix of a fruticose and a foliose lichen, such as the British Soldier Lichen)
  15. Something that flies
  16. Something with more than two legs
  17. Something with more than four legs
  18. Something with more than six legs
  19. Something more than eight legs
  20. Something with no legs
  21. A mushroom or other fungi
  22. Something alive inside your house (not cultivated or domesticated)
  23. An invasive species (something that is not native to that geographical area, such as Kudzu in North America)
  24. Something that smells good
  25. Something that smells terrible
  26. Something that lives on/in a tree
  27. Something in your yard
  28. Something that lives in a shell
  29. An example of camouflage
  30. A feather
  31. A seed
  32. A Chinese chestnut tree (BONUS: An AMERICAN Chestnut tree)
  33. Something fuzzy
  34. An Eastern Hemlock tree
  35. The Hemlock Wooly Adelgid

This entire list is honor based and there are no tangible prizes except for a whole lot of cool knowledge and facts and maybe some cool memories too from your scavenger hunt! There may be some future virtual badges or a physical patch in the future depending on how many people are interested!

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