Observations of the Month: Ephedra (Ephedraceae)

Desert Tea or California Ephedra (Ephedra californica) by @thunefeld
Mormon Tea or Boundary Ephedra (Ephedra aspera) by @efmer

Two species of Ephedra are fairly common in San Diego County's desert transition areas, Ephedra californica and Ephedra aspera. There are more voucher specimens in the SDNHM herbarium of E. aspera collected in San Diego County than there are of E. californica (105 vs. 82), but interestingly, there are more verified observations on iNat of E. californica than there are of E. ...more ↓

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The San Diego County Plant Atlas project is a multi-year citizen science project designed to better understand the diversity and distribution of the local flora of San Diego County, California using scientific vouchers as the primary data source. The Plant Atlas project was created by the San Diego Natural History Museum and began in 2003. This botanical endeavor has increased our knowledge of ...more ↓

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