Welcome Scorpion Enthusiasts and Casual Observers!

This project seeks to catalog the 54 species of scorpions currently described as living in the Golden State. You contributions can help with the understanding of the distributions of the various scorpion species in California, and can be a portal for learning and appreciating these very interesting creatures.

While I have a tremendous interest in scorpions, I am hardly an expert on their identification, so while I will work to assist with the IDs of your submissions, I also look forward to others' expertise in assisting with the IDs.

Thanks much for your participation!

Jay Keller,
Project Administrator

Posted on June 22, 2016 03:12 by jaykeller jaykeller | 2 comments | Leave a comment

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This project seeks to catalog the many species of California scorpions (order Scorpiones).

jaykeller created this project on July 08, 2015
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