Western Cape Conservation Badge

The Western Cape region ran a Conservation Badge over the pre Christmas weekend. Participants had to (among other things) record:
5 nocturnal organisms
5 diurnal organisms
and upload them onto iNaturalist using the App on their Smartphone.

The organisms had to be living or their spoor or scats or skeletons, and photographed so as to fill the screen as much as possible. Naming was not required. The project "Scouts South Africa" had to be added to the observations, with the scout's group recorded.

Uploads were not made on the course, but where scheduled for when the scouts got back home. Scouts without smartphones had to team up with those who did and record twice as many observations.

The results can be seen here: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?d1=2019-12-20&d2=2019-12-22&place_id=142529&project_id=34474&subview=grid&verifiable=any

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Nice one Tony!

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