3 years already? Time flies!

This project has been going on for three full years and it's time to see what happened since that August 20th 2017 when @sascha_schulz created it. Want to contribute? Join in and add your records. And even if you don't have any photos, help on verifying identifications is greatly appreciated. Currently, 81% of the observations have achieved Research Grade, meaning the identification is confirmed and the record has location and date.
So cheers to everyone who has contributed in the past and will contribute in the future to increase our knowledge on these fascinating creatures!

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1st year 29,000 records 1,150 species 1,261 observers 693 identifiers
2nd year 40,000 records (+38%) 1,500 species (+30%) 2,042 observers (+62%) 1,032 identifiers (+49%)
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This project has been created to continue the great work done by the famous SeaslugForum -

The allowable species list is the same as the SeaslugForum's.

Mini sascha_schulz created this project on August 20, 2017
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