Hi all this is just a thank you and welcome to new Inaturalists joining our project. Shelly Ocean Swimmers have been thrilled to meet two Inaturalists Sascha and Harry who have been uploading marine species observations for years! How great it has been to meet and actually swim with these two new Inaturalist friends who have helped us identify species and share their vast knowledge of the marine world with us. We really welcome you to the project!.

We have also been so pleased to meet Chrystel who also is starting to swim with us!.
Other Shelly Ocean Swimmers have joined our Inaturalist group.Deb_damsel, who is an ornithologist has been looking for threatened bird species in the Cronulla area and is also about to start using her new TG 5 camera to identify marine species. Lynnefin has already started photographing with her TG5 and is well on the way to helping us identify new species as she has extremely good sea vision. Lizzzielimpet has started to specialise in ...more ↓

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Our philosophy is to record marine species and photograph them without causing disturbance to them or their habitat.

The project aim is to record marine species around Cronulla:through snorkelling and diving, with a view towards gathering information for potential Aquatic Reserves. These reserves could be part of a Marine National Park in the near future. We are hoping to help The ...more ↓

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