Update: First study from the Smoky Rubyspot project now published!

Starting in summer 2017, a study of smoky rubyspot damselflies was launched through iNaturalist. The goal of this study, run by researchers at UCLA and Durham University (in the U.K.), was to learn more about how wing coloration changes through time and in different locations by recruiting participants to submit their photographs of smoky rubyspots.

Overall, hundreds of ‘citizen scientists’ from across North America submitted a total of more than 600 photographs to the project. So far, the researchers have measured the relative size of male smoky rubyspots’ wingspots from these photographs.

One interesting result from this study is that the amount of dark wing pigment on males varies predictably across space and time. Although the amount of dark pigmentation increases toward the middle of summer in all locations, the maximum extent of pigmentation that males express is drastically different in different parts of the range.

For instance, here is a photograph ...more ↓

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We are mapping smoky rubyspot (Hetaerina titia) wing coloration across its range and throughout the flight season.

Please take a look at our journal entry for information on submitting observations.

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