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We are mapping smoky rubyspot (Hetaerina titia) wing coloration across its range.  Smoky rubyspots vary widely in wing coloration, with some individuals having fully black hindwings while other individuals having only brownish-red wingspots at the base of their wings.

We know that this coloration varies seasonally in parts of its range, with light individuals emerging in early spring and darker individuals predominating during the summer. However, much of the diversity in wing coloration across the range of smoky rubyspots remains unknown.

That’s where iNaturalist comes in! We are hoping that citizen scientists can help us fill in gaps in our understanding of how wing coloration varies in time (e.g., by visiting a stream with smoky rubyspots a couple of times each year) and in space.

When submitting photos, please include the location and date of the photograph. If you are submitting multiple photographs, please indicate whether there are repeated ...more ↓

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We are mapping smoky rubyspot (Hetaerina titia) wing coloration across its range and throughout the flight season.

Please take a look at our journal entry for information on submitting observations.

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