27 May 2023

Tigrosa means "fierce like a tiger"(Brady, 2012) and is an apt name for some of North America's largest wolf spiders. Though these are also some of the largest spiders in Minnesota, I rarely encounter them. They are longer-lived (like the Geolycosa from my previous post); females may live 2-3 years while males typically live a single season (Kaston, 1948). Both species build burrows, sometimes under rocks or logs, from which they emerge each night to hunt for prey. Both members of the genus have a pale yellow to yellow midline stripe on the carapace.

On iNaturalist, Tigrosa helluo is called the Wetland Giant Wolf Spider. As its common name suggests, it is associated with wetlands and lake edges though Kaston indicated it has been found in woodlands as well (1948). In this species, the coloration ranges from dull yellow to greenish brown (Kaston, 1948) but darker individuals do occur. The pale yellow midline ...more ↓

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