20 February 2024

Members of the genus Latrodectus are commonly called the Widows. These spiders are in the family Theridiidae, the cobweb spiders. They spin tangled webs in dark and enclosed spaces such as under logs, in mammal burrows or even inside buildings. Females are larger than males and sometimes do eat the males after mating (though that is not always the case).

While most spiders are venomous, the venom of these spiders is considered medically significant. Their venom contains neurotoxins specific to these spiders (latrotoxins). A bite may result in localized swelling, pain, muscle cramping, vomiting and excessive sweating with symptoms lasting a few days. Thankfully, these spiders are quite rare in Minnesota and they are not aggressive. The chance of you finding one and then being bitten by it would be extremely rare. Information about treatment can be found on the Mayo System website: ...more ↓

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Help fill in the gaps in our knowledge of Minnesota spiders and their distribution by submitting quality photographs of spiders.

In order for your pictures to be part of this project, you will need to submit the date and location where you found the spider.

A preliminary checklist for Minnesota's spiders can be found here: ...more ↓

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