A BioDiversity Success!

I am excited with the biodiversity that you all have captured during our first Virtual Spring BioBlitz! I think it was a great success and look forward to other such online inventories of Oklahoma's species.

If you want to be considered for the 3rd Challenge (photographic observations of at least 3 species that had not been recorded at the time), please comment on this post below with the 3 observations listed.

I will be announcing the winners of the overall awards as soon as I calculate them.

Thanks to everyone who participated - observers and identifiers!

Priscilla Crawford
BioBlitz! Coordinator

Posted by priscillaokie priscillaokie, May 02, 2016 17:35


Western Glass Lizard
Grasshopper Sparrow
Texas Bull Nettle

Posted by badams over 5 years ago (Flag)

Nine-banded armadillo
American alligator
Western cottonmouth

Posted by goody over 5 years ago (Flag)

Giant redheaded centipede
Great blue skimmer
Hygrocybe miniata

Posted by teriyaki12 over 5 years ago (Flag)

Pygmy Rattlesnake
Oyster mushroom

Posted by jlmichael over 5 years ago (Flag)

not recorded at all or recorded in the bioblitz?

Posted by jlzachary1 over 5 years ago (Flag)

Deer Mouse
Southern Prairie Skink
Hurter's Spadefoot
Strecker's Chorus Frog

just covering my bases....

Posted by jlzachary1 over 5 years ago (Flag)

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