State of Hawaii: Aquatic Invasive Species Guide now published

Aloha AIS reporters!
We have now published our State of Hawaii: Aquatic Invasive Species Guide on iNaturalist. Please check it out, and keep up with the great AIS documentation in Hawaii. Invite any friends you think might be interested to join our group or utilize our guide!
Mahalo nui loa, hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season.

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Stop the Aquatic Invasion in Hawai‘i! Hawaiian marine ecosystems are highly susceptible to invasion by non-native species due to biogeographical isolation, lack of natural predators, and a year-round growing season. It is estimated that over 300 non-native species are established in Hawai‘i’s marine waters, arriving primarily through shipping (biofouling, solid ballast, and ballast water). ...more ↓

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