CALLING ALL NATURE LOVERS: Help us reach 20,000 observations!

We are quickly approaching 20,000 observations, with less than 200 to go! This is a big milestone and a huge accomplishment -- and we couldn't have done it without the help of over 1,380 observers.

We need your help reaching this goal! Even during chilly winter months with snow on the ground, there are plenty of observations to be made in state parks around Colorado.

Plants: My personal favorite at this time of year is winter botany. The conifers, of course, become hard to miss in the wintertime, when other trees and shrubs have dropped their leaves. Look for Rocky Mountain juniper, ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, and spruce in the foothills and mountains. Learning to identify deciduous trees like Rocky Mountain maple and shrubs like Gambel oak can help get to know these plants in a new way. In rocky places, you might find mountain mahogany with the charismatic curli-que seeds still attached.

Birds: Barr Lake State Park has the largest ...more ↓

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This project seeks to record and display the biodiversity of State Parks in Colorado and provides visitors, volunteers, and staff the opportunity to assist in monitoring the ecological integrity of our parks. This project is administered by the Resource Stewardship Program at Colorado Parks and Wildlife, which encourages you to read and follow the terms of this project.

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