Over the past few weeks we have been working to develop park specific plant and animal guides on iNaturalist! These guides will allow you to filter by using tags that have been added for color and/or group (trees, flowering plants, etc). Please search the name of the park you’re interested in at

These guides should not be considered fully comprehensive of all species that may occur in our State Parks, but it should represent nearly all of the common plant and animal species (except for insects) and many of the less common species. Species included in the guides are the “Research Grade” iNaturalist observations as well as species that have been documented over the last 20 years by our Resource Stewardship Program. Not every state park currently has a guide, but we’ll be adding more soon so please check back. We plan to update our guides once a year to account for new ...more ↓

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This project seeks to record and display the biodiversity of State Parks in Colorado and provides visitors, volunteers, and staff the opportunity to assist in monitoring the ecological integrity of our parks. This project is administered by the Resource Stewardship Program at Colorado Parks and Wildlife, which encourages you to read and follow the terms of this project.

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