Calling iNat Power users!

Hello iNat Power users!

First off, thank you for helping Colorado Parks and Wildlife observe and identify biodiversity in 41 State Parks! The reason you are tagged in this Journal post is that we have identified you as the top observers and identifiers in Colorado State.

You might have heard of the City Nature Challenge, or even participated, but it is fast approaching! The City Nature Challenge (CNC) is a worldwide BioBlitz to document urban biodiversity. The 2019 CNC will have over 160 cities around the world participating to see which city can document the most observations, species, and participants.

Boulder-Denver Metro Area will be aiming to compete with some of the largest cities around the world and we need your help! The good news is that you don’t have to do anything besides get outside and make OBSERVATIONS from April 26th-29th (Friday-Monday) and then help IDENTIFY all the observations from April 30th- May 5th (Tuesday- ...more ↓

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This project seeks to record and display the biodiversity of State Parks in Colorado and provides visitors, volunteers, and staff the opportunity to assist in monitoring the ecological integrity of our parks. This project is administered by the Resource Stewardship Program at Colorado Parks and Wildlife, which encourages you to read and follow the terms of this project.

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