City Nature Challenge 2021 is almost here!

The 2021 City Nature Challenge is just around the corner- are you ready?!
Hosted by iNaturalist, CNC is an annual international competition to see which city can make the most observations, identify the most species, or have the most participants.

When to participate: This event takes place in two parts: an observation period followed by an identification period. During the first four days, April 30 – May 3, observations will be collected, and during the last six days, May 4 – May 9, those observations will be identified and verified. Participants can continue to upload observations during the identification period, as long as the sightings took place during April 30 – May 3.

In order to count, observations must be wild (not captive/cultivated such as potted plants or pets) and must ...more ↓

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This project seeks to record and display the biodiversity of State Parks in Colorado and provides visitors, volunteers, and staff the opportunity to assist in monitoring the ecological integrity of our parks. This project is administered by the Resource Stewardship Program at Colorado Parks and Wildlife, which encourages you to read and follow the terms of this project.

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