Welcome to iNaturalist and the Street Light Survey Project! Now what...


This is possibly your first encounter with iNaturalist and you might be wondering what you are doing here and what to do next…

iNaturalist is a place where people can share and learn about living things through observations: an image (or sound) seen at a place in time by a person. You might not know what you saw: no problem! The community on iNaturalist will suggest identifications. Before diving in, I encourage you click on my profile picture, explore my observations, and check out other profiles too!

Getting Started on iNaturalist: www.inaturalist.org/pages/getting+started

Right now, you are in a project page that is dedicated to sharing observations found at street lights, including the installation artwork created by Aaron Treher. Make sure to join the project before you head out to explore.

Even though you have joined the project, you will need to manually add the observations to this project. You can do this individually or as a batch. There are different ways to do it: add the project as you take observations on your phone, add the project individually or for a group that are uploaded on the computer, or with the 'batch edit' button that allows you to select multiple existing observations from 'your observations' and using the "add to project" button.

Please write to me or post questions below if you need additional help.


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