Welcome Wren-Watchers!

Welcome! We're excited to hear about your local Superb Fairy-Wrens. This project originally started to help the City of Melbourne restore fairy-wren habitat in Parkville, but we've been so amazed by the broader enthusiasm for these little blue pom-poms! Every sighting helps us learn more about this delightful little bush bird and how we can help protect them in our cities and towns. We'll keep you updated and share regular wren facts along the way. If you're on Facebook, head over to our "Superb City Wrens" page and you'll find a keen community sharing their sightings and stories.

Thanks for joining, and let's get those sightings coming!

Cheers, the Superb City Wren Team (City of Melbourne, BirdLife Australia, RMIT University, The University of Melbourne)

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Here at the Superb City Wrens project, we want to know how we can take better care of Fairy-wrens in our cities and towns. And we need your help!

We'd like you to explore your local area and tell us where you do, and don't, see fairy-wrens. This could be your local park, sports ovals, schools, even your backyard. By learning more about the places that Fairy-wrens like and ...more ↓

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