Winter is coming

It was a cold and windy November when the first iNaturalist observations were added near Swissôtel Oerlikon (Zurich). It wasn't exactly a good day to find birds, bees, or even flowers, though a few blooms hung on to sweet life before the frozen season arrives.

These Observations officially launch an exciting new effort by Swissôtel to learn about everything green and natural in the urban areas that surround our hotels. It might seem curious to study "nature" in a city, but there's much to learn--and to improve.

Stay tuned to learn more about why we're studying nature inside an urban jungle.

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Swissôtel invites you to discover and share nature around our hotels. We'd like you to help us discover every bird, bug, and plant that makes its home nearby (or is just passing through). With your help we can learn when birds and insects migrate, when flowers bloom, and when trees sprout new leaves and lose old ones. By recording your observations on iNaturalist, you become a citizen ...more ↓

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