Accuracy, accuracy, accuracy is always good!

For any of the Texas Nature Trackers projects, accuracy is a very important parameter that determines the usefulness of an observation for inclusion in the Texas Natural Diversity Database. We encourage you to make sure you assign an accuracy of less than 500 meters when uploading observations. This is as easy as selecting on "location" and pinpointing your observation on the map and then selecting "update observation."

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  1. Document the importance of planted and wild milkweeds (Asclepias spp.) to monarchs in Texas.
  2. Document the distribution of native, wild milkweed in Texas.
  3. Quantify the changing importance of different milkweed species to monarch caterpillars throughout the year.
  4. This project only focuses on genus Asclepias because of federal emphasis on planting and
  5. ...more ↓
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