Whooping Crane Arrival in Texas

Greetings! As we move from October toward November, Whooping Cranes are making their way from northern breeding grounds through Texas to the Gulf Coast. Keep you eyes open near wetlands, plowed fields and even pastures in a broad swath from the Panhandle through Williamson County to the coast. If you see these magnificent birds, try to get a photo and submit to this project so we can continue to expand our knowledge of the use of Texas by this endangered species. Thanks!

Posted on October 24, 2023 09:40 PM by texasnaturetrackers texasnaturetrackers | 2 comments | Leave a comment
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This project collects sightings in support of Texas Whooper Watch citizen science program. For more information, including identification hints, please visit:

In 1942, there were only 16 Whooping Cranes left in what was to be the last flock in the world, a ...more ↓

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