The Bioblitz in 2017

Hello all you avid naturalists!

I hope you all had a great Holiday season and are chomping at the bit to get started IDing new critters in 2017. This is just a short little message to let everyone know that we got some funding to keep this project alive into the future, and will indeed have some scheduled events planned for the spring of 2017 as whispered about earlier.

We don't yet have any set dates, but you can be sure we'll notify you as soon as the schedule gets nailed down. We may not have anything organized for the first three months of the new year, but please feel free to keep making observations on your own.

Also, when the weather is perhaps less than agreeable, you're all welcome to hide indoors and look back over our observations for the previous year. There are a good handful of observations that could use some community support, so don't hesitate to dust off those old ID books and give your fellow naturalists a hand in turning their ...more ↓

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The major goals of this project are:

- To help coordinate efforts for the development of a database of species presence in the Cape Perpetua greater area along Oregon’s central coast. This area has recently been designated a ‘Globally Significant Important Bird Area for the Marbled Murrelet.

- Partner with state and federal agencies to gather baseline data and identify as many ...more ↓

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