Oregon Beach Bill 50th Anniversary Bioblitz

Hey there everyone!

This is the 50th anniversary year of the Oregon Beach Bill, mandating that all of Oregon's beaches be left in ownership of the public. To celebrate this, we have organized one heck of Bioblitz weekend for all you fans of the project.

To find out more about the event, check the link below:

We will be hosting a presentation on the Sea star wasting disease at the Cape Perpetua Visitor Center, Friday at 4pm on the 26th of May.

The following day we will be taking advantage of the -2.5ft low tide by starting our bioblitz work at 8am, meeting again at the Visitor Center. This bioblitz will focus mostly on inter-tidal species, with an added emphasis on Ochre Sea stars (Pisaster ochraceus). Participants will go through a short training talk before ...more ↓

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The major goals of this project are:

- To help coordinate efforts for the development of a database of species presence in the Cape Perpetua greater area along Oregon’s central coast. This area has recently been designated a Globally Significant Important Bird Area for the Marbled Murrelet.

- Partner with state and federal agencies to gather baseline data and identify as many ...more ↓

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