The year of trees

So, today I started to catalogue the trees on our 2.25 acres of land.

Having grown up in the UK and emigrated only 11 years ago, I don't feel I have a good knowledge of Ontario's trees yet, which is why I have set myself this challenge. I am also awed by the diversity around us.

I started by photographing most of our evergreens today. But few have cones left and it's not that easy! I'm hoping that over time I'll find more clues to the ones that are confusing me.

As Spring takes hold and leaves and buds emerge I will start on the deciduous trees.

It will be fascinating to see just how many different species co-exist on this small plot.

Posted by gina_bearne gina_bearne, March 11, 2021 23:46



Nice. A mix of hardwood and softwood sounds like a great piece of land.

Posted by artg about 2 months ago (Flag)

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