Ranger Gordon is Retiring

I'll be retiring at the end of November, 2019 and so the administration duties of this project will be transferred to Ranger Sharon.

I've so appreciated all the people who have contributed to the project. We are at about 1,000 species and nearly 5,000 spotting reports. You have broadened our understanding of the life that calls the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area home. We have, through your efforts, discovered species that were not on our species list and added to our knowledge of insects (which never have been included in our species list). This is an excellent example of citizen science and how it helps make our world a better place.

Thanks again for all your assistance. Keep up the good work.

Ranger Gordon

Posted on November 13, 2019 04:30 PM by gordon_dietzman gordon_dietzman | 1 comment | Leave a comment
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This project will help define the variety of plants and animals that exist in the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area. The recreation area is a unit of the National Park Service whose boundaries roughly follow the banks and the islands along a 72-mile stretch of the Mississippi River through the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area of Minnesota. We currently have research programs on bats, ...more ↓

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