Update on Project and Membership

We have been doing a lot of work with the Project set-up on our own website, iNaturalist and Atlas of Living Australia. We also have added most of our species list as verified by past observations on Tamborine Mountain. You will find those species lists in the iNaturalist pages for the Project, Place and Guides. We created several guides for different types of species and to stay within the 500 species number guide limit.

We apologize we have not enabled membership of the Project yet except by personal one to one agreement with new curators. We found that our Project questions provided an excellent opportunity of design to simplify import of past observation data with matching database fields. That is, if we structure our questions to match past observation field parameters then this will substantially smooth import of our past data. We are continuing to liaise on this issue and will open membership when this is ready.

Meanwhile, this DOES NOT STOP you getting started to add your observations in our Eco-Zone of the Project. You can see this zone in the Project and Place details. Your current observations can be added to the project at a later date.

Happy nature exploration!

Posted on March 26, 2017 08:52 AM by tmnha-admin tmnha-admin


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