Data comparisons for branch microhabitat community taxa

I am aiming to compare species colonizing: tree falls, chopped wood blocks, brush pile trimmed tree branches and branches naturally fallen directly from trees on 2 acres. I am leaving out preserved treated 4x4 path borders and the house or porch boards since the treatment of the wood change or preclude natural colonization which is what i am more interested in. This will allow me to see if there are different species for these different wood substrates. If wood is the only element necessary for wood-associating and eating organisms to settle on the species distributions should be the same.
I am not seeing any life appearing on cut down branches thrown and piled on brush piles.
The fallen trees are covered with large shelf fungi and moss carpets.
Storm dropped fallen branches in contrast are heavily laden with many different species of lichen, jellies and other fungi i have not found commonly in over ten years of photographing nature on the same 2 acres.
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After most storms I end up picking up many fallen branches. These are not living branches in most cases for typical storms but are certainly not dead in the ecological sense. The lifespan of a branch must include a time frame where they are dead but have not fallen from the tree. This is a new niche opportunity for life to take hold and make a new home. Here is a landscape of wood which if ...more ↓

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