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For your assignment you will submit observations of 75 plant species to our group project on iNaturalist. For inclusion in this project and assignment each observation must include the following criteria.

 Date and location
 diagnostic photos
 description of relevant features not captured in photo (i.e. habitat, smell, texture)

Furthermore, each observation must be of a plant that meets the following criteria:

 Plant must be native or naturalized.
 Must be observed during the fall semester.
 Must be identified to species by you first.
 Plants cannot be those pointed out by Denis or I in lab. You can use these species in your assignment provided they come from a different location.
 Must be able to be keyed out by one of the identification guides we use in class. This is to ensure that other students can verify the identification. Basically, this means no herbaceous plants that aren't in flower. ...more ↓

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This is the project page for the University of Cincinnati course Flowering Plant Classification.

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