Towers for researcher use on UCNRS reserves

AC DC Network Name
4 4 Y Angelo Coast Range Reserve
0 Ano Nuevo Island Reserve
10 0 10 Y Blue Oak Ranch Reserve
4 1 3 Y Bodega Marine Laboratory and Reserve
1 X Box Springs Reserve
3 1 2 Y Boyd Deep Canyon Desert Research Center
1 Burns Pinon Ridge Reserve
1 Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve
0 Central Sierra Snow Laboratory
1 1 Chickering American River Reserve
2 2 Y Coal Oil Point Natural Reserve
4 2 2 Y Dawson Los Monos Canyon Reserve
4 4 Y Elliott Chaparral Reserve
0 0 Y Emerson Oaks Reserve
0 Fort Ord Natural Reserve
3 Grasslands-Vernal Pools Natural Reserve
7 2 2 Y Hastings Natural History Reservation
5 3 2 Y James San Jacinto Mountains Reserve
0 Jenny Pygmy Forest Reserve
1 1 ...more ↓

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The UC Natural Reserve System is a network of protected natural areas throughout California. Its 38 sites include more than 750,000 acres, making it the largest university-administered reserve system in the world. Most major state ecosystems are represented, from coastal tidepools to inland deserts, and lush wetlands to Sierra Nevada forests. The reserves also serve as a gateway to ...more ↓

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