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One of the most challenging parts of creating or evaluating a vegetation map is obtaining sufficient ground reference data. In our recent publication, my co-authors and I evaluated the use of iNaturalist observations for accuracy assessment of a vegetation map on San Clemente Island, Los Angeles County, CA. Access to this US Navy-owned island is limited, making any additional geotagged photos that could be obtained particularly valuable. We found that the use of iNaturalist observations shows strong potential for improving vegetation maps, and encourage future vegetation mapping projects to make use of iNaturalist while considering the important limitations of this dataset.

A major strength of iNaturalist is that it facilitates collaboration. I knew that my colleague Dr. Casey Richart was studying ...more ↓

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This project includes all the observations used to assess the accuracy of a recent vegetation map of San Clemente Island.

The final results can be found here:

Uyeda, K.A., Stow, D.A. & Richart, C.H. Assessment of volunteered geographic information for vegetation mapping. Environmental ...more ↓

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