VEGMAPhoto Project progress report

Dear VEGMappers

It's already been nearly three years since this project began! In that time 54 of us have joined the project with an incredible 307 observations uploaded and identified by 22 members and 70 identifiers. Thanks to everyone!

These images, and the data you provide on the condition of the habitat and communities present are invaluable to the VEGMAP Project ( and the associated assessments and processes that it feeds into. We thought that now would be a good time to take stock of where we are with our goal of building a catalogue of the many communities that exist within each vegetation type.

So far we have collected photographs for just over 80 of our 459 vegetation types. The map below shows the distribution of photographs in this project. Vegetation types in darker green have more images while white spaces indicate types that have not yet been tagged ...more ↓

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The aim of this project is to collect representative photographs of vegetation types listed in the VEGMAP project classification system (the latest map and list of types can be found at

Instructions here:
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