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If you are a member of this project, please add your observations from Watson Rare Native Plant Preserve to the project. You can include things from the ROW on either side of the street and things in Hyatt Lake observed from the preserve. Adding the observations yourselves will allow me to spend time finding observations from people who are not members to add to the project.

When you add new observations, you can choose "select all" and easily add all the obs to the project at once. If you have already added your observations, you can go to each obs individually and add it to the project (on the right side of the page). Or you can go to your list of observations and choose "batch edit". This will allow you to put checkmarks next to several observations and then add them all to the project at once.

Thank you,
Lisa Appelbaum

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The purpose of this project is to document the plants found at the Watson Rare Native Plant Preserve in Warren, Texas. The Watson Rare Native Plant Preserve is a 501c (3) non-profit organization in Warren Texas, about 45 miles north of Beaumont and was created by the late Geraldine Watson, one of the activists who worked to create the Big Thicket National Preserve.

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