Keep an eye out for possible heat related injuries - 'new tip death'

Hi everyone!

Amazing to see all the incredible observations from so many fantatstic indivduals. You all are redcedar champions.

Yesterday, Paul Hennon, retired USFS forest pathologist shared this photo of 'new growth tip death' from Portland, Oregon. He suspects it is related to the recent extreme heat events and wonders how wide spread it is. Have you seen it?


We've added an optional question about the heat damage, but please answer the symptoms question as you would have before the tree was damaged by heat.

Please keep an eye out! Thanks

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Western redcedar is critical to the livelihood of our forests and communities. However, many reports of dieback have been shared recently. We urgently need YOUR help to understand why!

Help science go faster by sharing observations of healthy and unhealthy redcedar trees!

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