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Whio or Blue Duck is an iconic New Zealand species found in fast flowing rivers with good water quality. There are less than 3000 left making them 'nationally vulnerable'. They were previously more widespread but are now confined to more remote and high altitude river valleys. In both North and South Islands there are Whio recovery with a focus on pest control and protecting habitat. In some areas re-establishment into abandoned habitat has occurred and more is possible!

Whio are superb swimmers and nest along the riverbanks, where they are at high risk from predators such as rats and stoats.

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Genesis Energy and the Department of Conservation have partnered together in a five year programme to secure the future of this unique vulnerable native bird. Operating under the name of Whio Forever this partnership is fast tracking implementation of the national Whio Recovery Plan to protect whio and increase public awareness. The support of Genesis Energy is enabling DOC to double ...more ↓

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