Hi members! Some of you may notice you've been strong-armed into a curator position. I simply picked the first 10 or so people that joined and looked thorough...they completed their observation fields, did their homework in identifying the genus and species name and to the best of their ability have achieved the coveted research status on as many of their wildflower observations as possible. If any more members have lots of extra time and want to be curators just drop me a message. If you don't want to be a curator, again, just let me know.

Curators, if you have the time and inclination please peruse submitted observations and check to see if you can accurately confirm the species name to give it a research grade if it doesn't already have one. Remove any observations that are too general, are not from North America, do not grow in the wild or have no photo with date and location noted. If you still have extra time, go to the top "places" menu and enter areas where we ...more ↓

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Photo catalogue of wildflowers of North America

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