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We've chosen iNaturalist to host our footprint image upload engine because of it's excellent infrastructure, and seamless integration of upload, data management and mapping. Your contributions are mapped and you can track their progress, and that of others in our project.

When you upload your images here we will be able to download not only your images, but all the metadata supplied with them (locstats, camera data and other data that may be essential to footprint ID).

To get started, collect your footprint images into groups, where the groups are trails collected on the same date at the same location. Upload each group of images together. Try to complete all the fields.

iNaturalist has great help facilities if you get stuck, or feel free to post a comment on our ConservationFIT forum.

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ConservationFIT ( is a new method of mapping species distribution and identifying individuals using footprints. We're starting the project with cheetah, jaguar and snow-leopard, and we need your help to collect footprints

If you see prints from free-ranging species, or have access to captive or otherwise known individuals (whose prints we need to develop the FIT ...more ↓

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