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We've chosen iNaturalist to host our footprint image project. The aim of this unique project is to cover the world map in footprint images from endangered species so that we can track their numbers and distribution!

Why map with footprints? They are much easier to find than the animals themselves, and there are many more of them!

Not sure what you're seeing on the ground? That's no problem, just fil l the few required fields, upload your images, and the iNaturalist community will help you identify the species.

Your contributions are mapped and you can track their progress, and that of fellow trackers contributing to our project!

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WildTrack Footprints is a project from WildTrack inviting citizen scientists to collect footprint images for species identification.

If you see prints while out hiking or exploring, please upload your images here to our iNaturalist project. Keep your images around 1Mb maximum for smooth upload, especially if you upload several for each 'observation'. We need the images taken to the ...more ↓

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