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The Winter Tick Observation Network project collates all winter tick related iNaturalist observations across North America, and is part of a larger, ongoing data collection project that also incorporates published literature and field observations. Over the next two years or more, we will be collecting all observations of the winter tick, Dermacentor albipictus , across all life stages (egg to adult), as well as reports of host animals with distinctive hair loss over the winter, that is usually associated with winter tick infestation.

To ensure your observation is found by this project, please either ID or tag your image as 'winter tick'! This could be a tick, or a host animal with patchy hair - for example:
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Help us to map the range of winter ticks!

Winter ticks are blood-feeding parasites that are commonly found on large deer species, such as moose, elk, caribou or deer. In large numbers, these ticks can have negative impacts on wildlife health. As many as 50,000 ticks feeding on a single moose over the winter may cause loss of hair and blood that may prove fatal. The Winter Tick ...more ↓

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