Taxonomy details for Vascular Plants (Phylum Tracheophyta)

Relationship: Match

iNaturalist Catalogue of Life: 2019 Annual Checklist
Phylum Tracheophyta (parent: Kingdom Plantae) Match Phylum Tracheophyta (parent: Kingdom Plantae)
Created by loarie on February 04, 2020

Defines a Taxon Framework for Tracheophyta sourced to Catalogue of Life: 2019 Annual Checklist

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Taxon Framework Relationships: 9

Deviations: 1

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Flagged covered taxa: 2

Taxon Framework notes:

We are currently following Catalog of Life with the 8 traditional classes within Tracheophyta (we've added Subphylum Angiospermae for convenience above Monocots & Dicots).