Tracey Fandre

I've always loved nature from a very young age. No dolls or Barbies for this was always stuffed animals. For most of my life, I viewed nature like most people, through tv, zoos and the occasional run-in with insects. But I never really took a close look, until...

Christmas of 2013 my husband, who had just gotten his first "real" camera that year, gifted me with my very first camera and I can honestly say, I wasn't fully receptive as I believed I couldn't take a good picture. On our first outing, I think we were both astounded and there started my love affair with nature.

I have found that now that I am into photography, I look at things differently and it is fun seeing everything in a different way. The zoo got old and in the last year, I find I'm happiest in the woods or exploring wetlands.

My goal with my photography is to show to others things they otherwise would not have seen or noticed. Full disclaimer...for most of my life, the only good bugs were a ladybug or a butterfly. Yes, I was a squealer!!! I have grown to appreciate insects and have fallen head over heels for the Odonates (dragonflies and damselflies.)

I want to make the creepy "interesting", the ugly "cute" and the beautiful "shine!" I want to open a world for others through my photography just as my world opened when I first put my eye behind that lens :)

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