Jared Shorma

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I'm an amateur naturalist who is a senior in high school and I'm getting better at identification, but I'm not super good yet. I work at a place called the Butterfly Pavilion in Colorado which has given me a much wider understanding of the arthropod world. I've worked with various chelicerates, crustaceans, insects, mollusks and even a few myriapods but it is much more fun to see them in the wild. My profile picture happens to be one of the favorite things I've seen on my expeditions; a pseudoscorpion which I unfortunately have no idea what the species is.

My primary life goals aside from being an entomologist is to see 10,000 different identifiable species and then once that is accomplished-- 20,000. I also want to see at least one individual from every insect order and from each of the 11 extant arachnid groups. All of these sightings must also be done in the wild.

Insect orders 19/28
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