I've been very interested in Nature since I was a kid. Here in CA, I'm obsessed with plants from April through June. When I'm traveling internationally, I mainly focus on birds. When I'm traveling in the US, I'm always on the lookout for herps, butterflies, and dragonflies. And I'm always excited to learn about other insects and critters wherever I am if I can find a Naturalist to teach me!

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Leiopelma - Photo (c) phil2, all rights reserved, uploaded by Phil Bishop C
Leiopelma Info
The Leiopelmatidae, or New Zealand primitive frogs, are a family belonging to the suborder Archaeobatrachia. Their relatively primitive form indicates they have an ancient lineage. While some taxonomists have suggested combining the North American frogs of the genus Ascaphus in the Ascaphidae family with the New Zealand frogs of the genus Leiopelma in the Leiopelmatidae family, the current consensus is that these two groups constitute two separate families. The four extant species of Leiopelmatidae are only... (From Wikipedia)