Zack Abbey

My name is Zack Abbey, hence Zabbey. I have a degree in Environmental Sciences and Resource Management from CSU Channel Islands. Currently I work as a wildlife biologist for a consulting firm in Ventura County, which affords me access to some unique areas and species along the south coast. Over the years I have embarked upon various money making ventures such as working as a private backpacking guide in the Los Padres Nat'l Forest, a contract field biologist up and down the west coast, and a vector biologist for the County of Ventura Environmental Health Department. As a result I have been lucky enough to explore, study, and enjoy some of California's remote and diverse ecosystems and species.

In my free time I hike and backpack the local wilderness haunts of the Los Padres Nat'l Forest and bodyboard and surf the local beaches, always being attentive to the critters and flora I come across.

I enjoy using iNat to share what I encounter, confirm/deny what I think I've seen and to help keep sharp and expand on my ID skills. Any help I can provide I'm glad to give and I'm always glad to receive help from those more knowledgeable!

Flickr: Zabbey72 ( - a mix of bio and other photos

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(Family Mustelidae)
Snow Leopard
(Panthera uncia)
(Gulo gulo)
Mariposa Lilies
(Genus Calochortus)
(Genus Delphinium)
California Condor
(Gymnogyps californianus)
Plummer's Mariposa Lily
(Calochortus plummerae)
Abert's Squirrel
(Sciurus aberti)

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