Projects in Dunedin

Backyard Biodiversity Dunedin icon

Backyard Biodiversity Dunedin

For: participants in Dunedin's 'Backyard Biodiversity' monitoring program (a collaboration between the Otag...
Dunedin Botanic Garden Biodiversity icon

Dunedin Botanic Garden Biodiversity

Welcome to Dunedin Botanic Garden, New Zealand's first botanic garden (founded in 1863). With a surface of ...
Dunedin Townbelt Plant Diversity icon

Dunedin Townbelt Plant Diversity

This project aims to document plant diversity in the Dunedin townbelt and is open to everyone
"Patch Watch" 2016 Group Biodiversity Project icon

"Patch Watch" 2016 Group Biodiversity Project

This is a project for ZOOL 221 course at Otago University. Working in groups the students complete a semes...
Taiaroa Head - 5mbc icon

Taiaroa Head - 5mbc

We are encouraging school and visitors to Taiaroa Head to do 5 minute bird counts to see how the bird commu...
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