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Poland is the 47th stop on the iNaturalist World Tour. The top observers are quite evenly distributed in Poland. The top observer, @grzegorzgrzejszczak, is a botanist who, along with @ahospers and others, has activity centered in West Pomeranian. @wojtest, @slovianka, and @szuwarek are based in Greater Poland, Lubin, and Kuyavian-Pomeranian respectively. There is a small group of top observers such as @max09 and @jcsvenning with activity centered inLesser Poland in the area around the city of Krakow where the Wildlife of the Las Krzyszkowicki project administered by @annagazda is based. @jareks activity is centered in Subcarpathian and @jfgodeau in Masovian in the area around the city of Warsaw.

The number of observations per month spiked up markedly this summer. Does anyone know what drove this?

In addition to being the second top observer, @wojtest is the top identifier.and leads in plant IDs. As in many countries in Europe, @borisb leads in insect IDs and @ldacosta leads in bird IDs. Thanks to all the other top identifiers such as @almantas, @stanislaw, and @laukines_pievos.

What can we do to make iNaturalist better in Poland? Please share your thoughts below or on this forum thread

@grzegorzgrzejszczak @wojtest @slovianka @ahospers @szuwarek @max09 @almantas @stanislaw @ldacosta @laukines_pievos

We’ll be back tomorrow with the Ukraine!

Posted by loarie loarie, August 09, 2019 18:02



Nice overview..and interesting how fast Poland community is growing (with al the other countries). In June2019 I was in Poland..so there should be a few (100-500) more than normal trend.

Posted by ahospers 9 days ago (Flag)

Thank you very much for this interesting overview :)

Posted by grzegorzgrzejszczak 9 days ago (Flag)

Thank you for all your many contributions to iNaturalist from Poland, @grzegorzgrzejszczak!

Posted by loarie 9 days ago (Flag)

@loarie In June we have project https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/wildlife-of-the-las-krzyszkowicki and this event do almost 2k observations with over one hundred observers. Maybe this generate growth ? :)

Posted by vast 9 days ago (Flag)

It is at least remarkable that the number of observations each month is already declining, despite the holidays..

Posted by optilete 9 days ago (Flag)

Thanks for pointing out the Wildlife of the Las Krzyszkowicki project @vast, I wasn't aware of it and have added mention of it to the post.

Posted by loarie 9 days ago (Flag)

Pardon me if I'm wrong, but it would appear there's not a single marine fish (or any marine creature?) amongst the observations for Poland ... despite it having some 500 kms of coastline!

Posted by wamoz 8 days ago (Flag)

Unfortunately, I think that in Poland still few people know about iNaturalist. I'm in many groups (e.g. on Facebook), where people upload many nature photos and asking for identification - it's a pity that some of these photos don't get here. Until recently, many of my friends - biologists or nature photographers - also had no idea about the existence of such a site. I tried to encourage them to enrich iNaturalist resources with their observations :) Let's hope that next year will be much more observations and active users in Poland!

Posted by slovianka 8 days ago (Flag)

I am totally agree with @slovianka...

Posted by zizou 8 days ago (Flag)

@slovianka - if you find a good way to convince people to move from Facebook to iNaturalist please tell us. We have a few communities (most notably spiders) in southern Africa which we cannot entice away from Facebook, even with all the cool tools on iNaturalist.

Posted by tonyrebelo 8 days ago (Flag)

I am scientist and teacher. I have encouraged my colleagues to cooperate with me... so you may see the results of the Las Krzyszkowicki BioBlitz, Next I have decided to invite my students to coopertate with me due to ... the Wildlife of the Las Krzyszkowicki. Now e are preapering next eavents. The worst disadvantge of iNaturalist is the time of uploading all records.... We have to spend a lot of time to send in a proper way at least one observation. My colleagues and my students are very interested in this kind of activity, but .... time is to short...

Posted by annagazda 8 days ago (Flag)

1. In my humble opinion, the problem with 'BioBlitz' with students [especially if you go the same or almost same route with different groups of people] is that it may create loads of duplified observations.. [the same plant, the same site, more or less the same time], particularly of plants, as seems to be the case in the above-mentioned project.. Consequently, in the raw statistics as this 'World Tour' is, this may create a false image of concentration of data in a particular region of the country.
2. And the second issue I would like to mentoin, generally, not in relation to Poland alone, is that the number of species actually observed [in the wild] will never be accurate until so many people publish here their 'observations' of cultivated flowers etc. - without mentioning it..
all the best,

Posted by wojtest 6 days ago (Flag)

Hi Wojtek, Thank you very much for your opinion. The BioBlitz was dominated by the Scientists, but it was conducted with our students. Statistics and real World... There are a lot of different 'Statistics'... Statistic was created to win, not to create true image of... As you know, now we have to modify Statistic to be able to use this kind of data. The next reason.... do you prefer to press our professors to join iNaturalist projects? I prefer cooperate with our students to show the results, and next to invite our Professors.....
2. All species in Las Krzyszkowicki are wild organisms, but there are some weeds, alien species usualy cultivated in the gardens, but here these species are the 'escapers'. The iNaturalist is able to identify them and to label them in a proper way.

Posted by annagazda 6 days ago (Flag)

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