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It feels like Week 8 of the iNaturalist World Tour flew by. We end it in Sri Lanka! The top observer, @nuwan is a research associate and wildlife guard in Sri Lanka with observations across much of the country. Many of the top observers, such as @ahospers, @denis_m, @nickbelliveau, and @kinmatsu are visitors from elsewhere. Other top observers like are from Sri Lanka such as @shanelle97 who is currently studying at the University of Washington in the US. @amila_sumanapala, a PhD student at University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, is researching Odonata. You can read more about @amila_sumanapala in this Observation of the Week post about a spider he observed in Malaysia. @chathuri_jayatissa is a zoololgy student and @sanjaya_kanishka runs the Snakes of Sri Lanka database. Don't miss this Observation of the Week post about a jungle cat seen by @markuslilje in Sri Lanka’s Uda Walawe National Park located towards the southern end of the country (where @kinmatsu, @chartuso and others' observations are clustered).

The observations per month graph from Sri Lanka is bit distorted by the short term impact of students from University of Peradeniya's participation in an April 2019 event through the QuestaGame platform (which used to repost observations here for identification by the iNaturalist community). This temporarily increased the number of observations per month by about an order of magnitude, but doesn't reflect any actual growth in the iNaturalist community from Sri Lanka.

The top identifier overall and for birds is @sethmiller who is based in Bangladesh. @rajibmaulick and @aniruddha_singhamahapatra are two top identifiers based in India. @elaphrornis, who is based in New York but originally from Sri Lanka, leads insect identifications. @nuwan is a top identifier in addition to being a top observer and leads plant identifications. @amila_sumanapala is another top identifier and top observer. Thanks to everyone else identifying observations from Sri Lanka!

What can we do to get more people using iNaturalist in Sri Lanka? Please share your thoughts below or on this forum thread

@nuwan @ahospers @denis_m @nickbelliveau @kinmatsu @sethmiller @rajibmaulick @elaphrornis @aniruddha_singhamahapatra @amila_sumanapala

We’ll be back tomorrow in Algeria!

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@loarie Not a big deal, but I'm actually based in Bangladesh. (not evident from my profile, so I'm changing my profile slightly.)
Sri Lanka is such a beautiful country with amazing wildlife. Hopefully more and more people will get into iNat!

Posted by sethmiller over 1 year ago (Flag)

I agree, Sri Lanka is beautiful..i bought second hand bio and nature books by internet and the seller really loved Sri Lanka and went to it several times, so i decided to go there but it took some time as nobody wanted to join me. Wildlife parks were expensive in Sri Lanka..first i did not want to visit but in the end half of my group did go to the safari ..When i was in Sri Lanka iNaturalist was not used and all..and when i left the amount of observers and observations tripled!! Probably by the QUesta game And @shanelle97 thanks for the determinations

Posted by ahospers over 1 year ago (Flag)

apologies @sethmiller, I updated the post - and thanks for all your IDs!

Posted by loarie over 1 year ago (Flag)

Thanks! I went there for vacation, but I tried to document what I could. Lots of really cool things to find there, though it sounds like the rainy season brings better bugs to document. It seems like there are several good nature groups in the country, so maybe they will begin to adopt iNat as a data platform.

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