Original lists compiled for the NFAR headwaters by Ted Beedy & William Hewlett (North Fork Association), and Sherman Chickering & Palmer et al. (Chickering). Updated, combined list prepared by Erica Krimmel (June 2014).


• Chickering, S. [Personal Collection of Botanical Binders].
• Hewlett, W. R. (2009). Taking Time to Stop and Look: A Guide to Flora at The Cedars. Menlo Park, CA: Hewlett Family Library.
• Palmer, R., Corbin, B.L., Woodward, R., & Barbour, M. (1983). Floristic checklist for the headwaters basin area of the North Fork of the American River, Placer County, California. Madroño 30(4): 52-66.
• Jim Gaither, Mark Stromberg, Ted Beedy, Alan Fish, Randy Fish, Faerthen Felix.

iNaturalist research-grade observations added for the entire NFAR watershed.

Taxonomic update sources:
• Taxonomic Name Resolution Service (http://tnrs.iplantcollaborative.org)
• Jepson Online Interchange of California Floristics (http://ucjeps.berkeley.edu/interchange)

Plants - Photo (c) Rocío Ramírez Barrios, all rights reserved, uploaded by Rocío Ramírez Barrios Check list for Plants (Kingdom Plantae)
Source: Krimmel, 2014. (Link)
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