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Genus Zygophyllum bouteloua Sun, 16 Sep 2018 15:27:01 +0000

updating Zygophyllum spp per Plants of the World Online


swapped em



These taxon swaps are drafted according to Plants of the World Online (POWO). Request:: Please take a look & provide feedback if any of these need to be adjusted/discussed. For more info on vascular plant taxonomy policy on iNat as of 08/2018, see this post.

@botaneek @tonyrebelo @alexdreyer @robertarcher397

Z. album ---merged into---> Tetraena alba
Z. apiculatum ---merged into---> Roepera apiculata
Z. billardierei ---merged into---> Ropera billardierei
Z. bucharicum ---merged into---> Tetraena bucharica
Z. clavatum ---merged into---> Tetraena clavatum
Z. coccineum ---merged into---> Tetraena coccinia
Z. confluens ---merged into---> Roepera confluens
Z. cordifolium ---merged into---> Roepera cordifolia
Z. decumbens and Z. decumbens var. decumbens ---merged into---> Tetraena decumbens (there are no other accepted infraspecifics of Z. or T. decumbens on POWO or iNat)
Z. dumosum ---merged into---> Tetraena dumosa
Z. foetidum ---merged into---> Roepera foetida
Z. fruticulosum ---merged into---> Roepera fruticulosa
Z. fulvum ---merged into---> Roepera fulva
Z. giessii---merged into---> Tetraena giessi
Z. glaucum ---merged into---> Roepera glauca
Z. madagascariense ---merged into---> Tetraena madagascariense
Z. morgsana ---merged into---> Roepera morgsana
Z. prismatocarpum ---merged into---> Tetraena prismatocarpa
Z. pygmaeum ---merged into---> Roepera pygmaea
Z. qatarense---merged into---> Tetraena qatarensis
Z. sessilifolium ---merged into---> Roepera sessilifolia
Z. simplex ---merged into---> Tetraena simplex
Z. spinosum ---merged into---> Roepera spinosa
Z. stapfii + T. stapfii ---merged into---> Tetraena stapffii (note also that the epithet has 2 Fs in POWO)
Zygophyllum (genus) sensu lato ---split into---> Zygophyllum sensu stricto, Bulnesia, Melocarpum, Roepera, Seetzenia, and Tetraena*^

*With 197 observations of Zygophyllum currently at rank=genus, those IDs are currently ambiguous as to whether they refer to Zygophyllum sensu lato or sensu stricto. Since these genera are not atlased (and many have overlapping distributions anyway, right?), this split as currently set up will push those genus IDs back up to family Zygophyllaceae.

^When I commit split 25, I will move the Zygophyllum sensu stricto spp. underneath the new genus.

The following Zygophyllum spp. are missing in POWO. Question: What to do with these?
Zygophyllum segmentatum (not in IPNI)
Zygophyllum turbinatum (not in IPNI)

Of the species on iNat, the following Zygophyllum spp. remain untouched as they are listed as accepted in POWO. Question: Look OK?
Z. darvasicum
Z. dichotomum
Z. dregeanum
Z. fabago
Z. kaschgaricum
Z. maximiliani
Z. sonderi

I added the missing Roepera & Tetraena spp. but there are still missing Zygophyllum spp. accepted on POWO that can be added later. This effort just deals with the existing Z. spp. on iNat.

Posted by bouteloua almost 3 years ago (Flag)

That looks good. I am happy.
Our Stellenbosch taxaonomist will not be happy (but then he was not happy on iSpot, and we told him if he wants to resurrect Zygophyllum sensu lato, then he needs to publish something to that effect), but tough.
You have all our s Afr species, so the missing taxa are not an issue for us.
I agree: Roepera and Tetraena are both options for old Zygophyllum and Zygophyllaceae is their correct designation.

I will check up on the differences and see if I can put together a little team to deal with our southern African Zygophyll~um/aceae: as suspect many of these are ours.

Posted by tonyrebelo almost 3 years ago (Flag)

link to help re-identify Zygophyllaceae that are currently at rank=family:

Posted by bouteloua almost 3 years ago (Flag)

Thanks, cassi! Important task that should have been done long ago. I cannot judge the taxonomy, but your method seems unmad.


Posted by beetledude almost 3 years ago (Flag)

Question: I had to look it up since I didn't know the word, and hence I'm not sure at all: but it seems that CALTROP(S) is a correct vernacular and that CALTHROPS are something rather different (microscopic structure in sponges).

Tony, what do we call this family in sAfr? Twinleafs? [Twinleaves?!].

Posted by beetledude almost 3 years ago (Flag)

s Afr name. I say Twinleafs, but I guess it would be spelled Twinleaves in English.

(((Except that this would be Roepera now. But we would call the family the same.
Do we have any Zygophyllum sensum strictum left in South Africa? - I thought that that was a northern Hemisphere clade.
I see that there are three species left )))

Dirk Bellestedt says that he wont name any more until he has published the revised generic circumscriptions and then he will clear our backlog.

Posted by tonyrebelo almost 3 years ago (Flag)

Zygophyllum qatarense is back as an accepted species on POWO, with Tetraena qatarensis as the synonym. Grafted it to the new Zygophyllum genus, reactivated.

Posted by kitty12 about 1 year ago (Flag)

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